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Poetry & more by Amy Unsworth

Updated on: December 3rd, 2007

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Small Branches Poetry!



   a task completed

butter melting on bread

  a heart drawn in steam

on the kitchen window




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2007 Notes
I've been blogging:
That's the best place
to go for recent updates!
I'm sad to note that
Three Candles Journal
is no longer active;
however the archives
are still available.
Thanks Steve & Nate
for all of your hard
work & encouragement.
I've had poems published
in 2007 in Sojourn &
Tar River Poetry!
Thanks to the Editors!
My review of Five Terraces
can be found at
Blackbird. in the
(spring 2007)
My review of 
The Silence of Men
can be found at
(late Oct 2006)
Summer  '06 I read my poetry
and listened to a group of wonderful
poets from Kansas read at:
The Eleventh International Conference on the
Literature of Region and Nation
Kansas State University
and now I'm helping to
edit the conference proceedings
A dramatic poem:
"And by His Hand, Lightning"
 appears in Smith & Kraus's (2006)
I completed my
my Master's in British &
American Literature at
Kansas State University
in the summer of 2006.
Look for my reviews
The Pedestal Magazine and
My series on craft entitled
"From The Pencil Box"
is  still available
(can you believe it?)
May you find joy
& peace. 
With Joy! from Kansas

For E., At Five

Amy Writing