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Poetry by Amy Unsworth

Small Branches Poetry

Work Forthcoming:
"And by His Hand, Lightning"
 Smith & Kraus's
"As the Rain"
Miller's Pond
"Farm Field Trip"
"Roughhousing After News of Another Abduction"
Broad River Review
Spring 2005
"Lament for an Ent Wife"
Minas Tireth Evening Star
Ligature, 1.1, Fall 2004
The New Pantagruel, Fall 2004
"Love and War"
"Explaining Entrapment"
"At Washington Street, with Yo-Yo Ma"
October 2004
"Variations in White"
The Hogtown Creek Review,
Fall 2004
The Green Tricyle, Issue 15, March 2004
A Collaboration by Amy Unsworth & Jack Martin
Poems Niederngasse, Editor's Issue, April 2003
The Green Tricycle, Issue 11, March 2003
Seeding the Snow, Fall/Winter 2002
Literary Lunch, An Anthology
By The Knoxville Writers' Guild,
October 2002.
The Pikeville Review, July 2002. 
 Ibbetson Street, Issue 11, June 2002.
The Desert Moon Review, April 2002.
(Honorable Mention Poetry Month Contest)
Eclectica, Oct/Nov 2001
Niederngasse (print edition), Summer 2001
 Poems Niederngasse, Feb. 2001.
 Poems Niederngasse, Jan 2001.
 Poet's Canvas, Jan 2001.
 (More Moon Poems, Moon Contest )